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28 November, 2008

Apple iTunes to launch DRM free music from Universal, Sony and Warner

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drm-orwell-street-500x350We talked about the relationship between drm and music-lovers many many times, both on our blog and during conferences and events: DRM, as such, is a loosing war.

So Apple is about to sell DRM-free music from Universal, Sony and Warner on its iTunes online store, something that both Wall-Mart and Amazon have been able to do for months.

At last, what we said already since 2004 and also on the IP Faber blog is becoming real: the majors are beginning to recognize that a DRM-free market is far bigger and lucrative than a store controlled with a (loosing) DRM system.

This is the confirmation that music Majors are beginning to understand their customers and give them what they want (a clear concept that was understood a long time ago by delivery-platforms providers and tech giants, and by some wise guy).

So it’s now time to move on and see how consumers react.

But we still have to make some points and try to open a debate:

– is this strategy a (late) reaction to the deep economic crisis of the traditional music industry?

– is the change a clear recognition of the fact that controlling and fighting for a  DRM protected world is useless and painful?

– is this move a strong signal of a new trend toward licensing, and try to squeeze every single cent of value from a product?

We know for sure that this DRM-free move on iTunes is a big improvement for customers (as it has been for Amazon amd Wall-Mart) and that this will be a big revenues bumper both for Apple and for its partners.

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27 November, 2007

DRM Patent Infringement against Microsoft, Hustler, Sony & Apple.

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iTunes drm incorporated

Digital Reg of Texas, is suing Microsoft, Sony, Hustler (Playboy) and Apple for a patent infringement related to DRM Technology, in particular “by making, using, providing, offering to sell, and selling (directly or through intermediaries), digital content incorporating DRM technology“.

The patent, dated 1998, is not exclusive to music data, and describes a system where “digital content such as text, video, and music are stored as part of a compressed and encrypted data file. Said content remains inaccessible until a user purchases or arranges for authorization of the content.”

THE POINT> We are talking about a patented technology that is covering what is now a very hot business model on the web: selling DRM protected data via internet.

IP FABER OPINION> It’s not a problem regarding only a small company: this is, or could turn out to be, a major case of patent infringement. Digital Reg is facing a tough battle against these giants, but in case of success…

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