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18 June, 2008

Is drm music like tasteless food?

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Creative Commons License Photo credit: Vrogy

 There are different opinions on how DRMs are impacting on music industry.

While Media Executives fear the fact that DRMless music will become like a gigantic legal P2P network, Software, Hardware, and Telecom Executives are signing big contracts to enter into one of the most promising market of the future.

What did Apple to the music industry is now under everyone’s eyes: its iTunes store has become the first music store in the world, selling files at a faster pace than any other (internet or brick-and-wall) store.

The thing is: how big is the market for drm music and for not-drm music?

People usually tend to think that drm has the same meaning of copyright, but it is not.

DRM is a technical system for protecting copyrighted work (music, video or other digital media) but since its inception there have been a plethora of ways for breaking protected files.

To us there are 3 important points that have to be discussed about DRM:

– user experience

– technical issues

– commercial issues

A clear view on these 3 points can put some more lights into the DRM debate.


12 June, 2008

IP Faber landed at Licensing Expo in NY – IP Faber sbarca al Licensing Expo di NY

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Immaterial assets are colored, “smart” and mostly created for young people at 2008 Licensing Expo in New York. No kids or people under 18 are allowed to access the fair, but Smurfs, Pucca, Teletubbies, the Winx and the Gormiti invaded the booths.

IP Faber explored this interesting fair, full of walking puppets, cartoons, fantasy, and filtered this appearantly crazy world through its IP vision.

The real game of the Licensing Expo is not for kids: this 200 Billions dollars game is all about leveraging on characters, media contents and brands & licensing them with the right approach, accurately selecting licensees and agents, market areas and channels of distribution.

Either for Warner Bros or Raimbow, Lucas Licensing (Star Wars) or IMC Licensing, the winning game to be played vs. competitors is exploiting and developing its own IP portfolio (also) through strategic licensing activities.

(IP Faber: licensing IP is IP growing. Contact us)

Gli asset immateriali sono colorati, ben pensati e per lo più destinati ai ragazzi al Licensing Expo 2008 di New York. I bambini o i minorenni non possono entrare a questa fiera, ma i Puffi, Pucca, i Teletubbies, le Winx e i Gormiti hanno invaso gli stand.

IP Faber ha esplorato da vicino questa interessante fiera, piena di pupazzi che camminano, cartoon, fantasia, filtrando questo mondo, in apparenza un po’ pazzo, attraverso la sua visione legata alla proprietà intellettuale.

Il vero gioco del Licensing Expo non è propriamente un “gioco da ragazzi”: questa partita da 200 miliardi di dollari si gioca sulla negoziazione di diritti relativi a personaggi di fantasia, contenuti media, marchi e si basa su licenze per le quali i licenziatari e gli agenti, le aree di mercato e i canali di distribuzione vengono selezionati con estrema cura.

Per Warner Bros come per l’italiana Rainbow, per Lucas Licensing (Guerre Stellari) o per IMC Licensing, quello che è in gioco, rispetto ai propri concorrenti, è il saper gestire e sviluppare al meglio il proprio portafoglio IP attraverso un licensing strategico.

(IP Faber: il licensing fa crescere il valore della tua azienda. Contattaci)

PHOTO by justjosef (Flickr)

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