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21 November, 2007

Intellectual Property future’s scenarios

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Green Window

It’s nice to seat down for a while and listen to some interesting brain products. Guy Carmichael was the first speaker at the Venice IP International Conference.

He showed a few slides and talked about his (and EPO) view on the future IP scenarios. In his very interesting and refreshing speech, he talked about windows (not Bill Gates), used as metaphors for looking at the future.

In his opinion we need to focus not on forecasts as such, but on stories of possible futures: the scenarios. The difference is important: a scenario gives us the possibility to understand better and prepare ourselves for the future.

Guy presented 4 possible scenarios, depending on the winning driver : market, society, geopolitics and technology, and for every single scenario he analyzed critical points, main effects and how will be the situation in 2025 (probably).

IP Faber thinks the there will be not a major winner (or driver) but that the result will be a mixed match of the different actors. Businesses, People, Governments and Techworld will be sharing the same meal.

The real question is: are we really sure there will be a simple scalable organised system in 2025, capable of diminishing the risks of the game and turning today major IP disadvantages in tomorrow bright successes?

(Photo courtesy of Piermario at Flickr )


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